Towards a Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland


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13 December, 2017

Irish Ministers published 'Towards a Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland – a roadmap for the development of Ireland’s first marine spatial plan'.. The MSP for Ireland, which will be developed over the next 3 years, will provide a coherent framework in which specific sectoral policies and objectives can be realised. It is intended to become a decision making tool for regulatory authorities and policy makers into the future in a number of ways including, decisions on individual consent applications which will have to have regard to the provisions of the plan in the same way that terrestrial plans form part of the decision making tool-kit in the on-land planning process. It is also intended to form a key input to the development of future sectoral policies, similar to role of the National Planning Framework, Ireland2040, in terms of terrestrial sectoral policy development. The Government had set out clear and ambitious objectives under Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth (HOOW) - Ireland’s integrated marine plan - to enable our marine potential to be realised.  A clear framework for MSP, as a parallel to the National Planning Framework, Ireland2040, would bring a new level of coherence to marine resources are planned and managed.

Read the roadmap here