Swedish consultation completed // Great interest in Sweden’s MSP

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12 December, 2018

The consultation on proposed marine spatial plans for Sweden is completed.

'Many thanks to everyone who participated in the consultation, we value the time and effort you spent on this', says head of unit Thomas Johansson at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Earlier this year Sweden consulted on proposed marine spatial plans for Sweden, the strategic environmental assessment and the sustainability appraisal. The international consultation took place from June to October. The consultation was extensive. More than 160 organizations have expressed their views – public bodies, non-profit organizations and industry alike, ranging from municipalities, regions, national authorities and coastal county administrative boards to trade associations, companies, universities, individuals and neighbouring states.

The top three topics in terms of comments were nature, energy and attractive living environments. The most opposite views remain on offshore wind and nature. The plan system received good critiques in general. An intensive work is now underway at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management in analyzing each opinion. The opinions are an important basis for further work on the marine spatial plans.

Next step – review in March

SwAM will publish revised proposals for plans in spring 2019, along with a consultation report. The final proposals are to be submitted to the government during December 2019.

Find more numbers and info at https://www.havochvatten.se/hav/samordning--fakta/havsplanering/havsplan... (in Swedish).