Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture: Key drivers for Blue Growth in the Adriatic and Ionian Regions

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18 May, 2018
Ancona, Italy

The Conference is aimed to share the strategic objectives of two relevant European territorial cooperation projects ARIEL and DORY. The ARIEL project “Promoting small scale fisheries and aquaculture transnational networking in Adriatic-Ionian macroregion” funded under the ADRION Programme 2014-2020 is aimed to promote technological and non-technological solutions for innovation up-taking of Small-Scale Fishery and Aquaculture in the Adriatic-Ionian basin involving 9 scientific and institutional partners of 4 countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro). The DORY project instead, capitalizing another successful experience, aims at  contributing  to the protection and restoration of Adriatic marine resources by promoting the adoption of common management models for sustainable fisheries, oriented to reduce the threats of economic activities on Adriatic marine stocks, as well as knowledge based tools to enhance biodiversity in terms of priority and essential fish habitats (nurseries and spawning grounds) and to halt the ecological impact of aquaculture. Furthermore, the DORY project will give us the opportunity of evaluating the impact of the fisheries management measures proposed trough the advanced MSP decision support tool and bio-economic model DISPLACE, proposing an integrated and complete range of options to evaluate the potential future impacts of alternative interventions in the Adriatic.