SIMWESTMED Completion of the MSP-oriented Initial Assessment

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17 December, 2018

Thanks to the collaboration of all the Partners and Member States involved in the SIMWESTMED Project, the Report related to the sub-task  “Develop a basin-scale analysis/initial assessment strongly MSP orientated”, is completed.

The Report established by CORILA, collects and describes all the relevant information related to the project marine area, Western Mediterranean, about the main aspects that have to be considered in the MSP context. Starting from the national jurisdictions and the state of the implementation of MSP processes at country level, the Report describes the main aspects in terms of physical characteristics of the area and the marine environment by considering the representative habitats and species of the West Med.  All the major maritime uses and activities present in the area are described in their socio-economic aspects. The conflicts and synergies among uses, and uses and environment, are listed and described to ensure the adoption of the Ecosystem-based approach. The Report ends with the relevant trans-boundary issues identified by the different partners in order to favour the beginning of cross-border collaboration in the West Med.

The Initial Assessment report is available here: