Seminar "Marine Challenges - Blue solutions"

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6 November, 2018 - 7 November, 2018
Göteborg, Sweden

The oceans are endangered. Within just a few decades, the sea has been forecasted to hold more plastic than fish. In the fishing industry, only one third of all caught fish end up as food on our plates. And emissions from ships and toxic antifouling paints are a threat to marine life. But the tide can be turned around, ensuring that the oceans remain a viable and sustainable resource for humanity in the future. Welcome to an exciting two days of initiative seminar, focusing on Chalmers’ research related to oceans, marine resources and maritime activities – how to get fresh healthy food and new materials from the ocean, how to design a lasting and visually attractive aquaculture, how to build sustainable ships and transport routes across the oceans, how to ensure that ship wrecks do not destroy our seas, how to build a city with the risk of elevated sea levels in mind and much more.
It’s all about engineering to meet the UN sustainable development goals and the goals of Agenda 2030.

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