Oct 22

15th Littoral Conference

22.10.2018 - 26.10.2018

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The conference will provide a platform for everybody interested in coastal research, conservation, management and education. The main themes that will be presented during the conference include:

• GREEN COASTS: Natural and resilient coasts
• CLEAN SEAS: Protection of the marine environment
• BLUE GROWTH: Sustainable development in the coastal & marine environment

Currently, a Call for Abstracts is open.

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Oct 23

5th annual conference of the European Atlantic Stakeholders Platform

23.10.2018 - 24.10.2018

Vigo, Spain

Dedicated plenary sessions and stakeholder workshops where discussions will focus on how to pursue a maritime career in the 21st century, how to obtain the necessary skills and how to embrace innovation without risking jobs;
A half-day business-to-business networking session, under the auspices of the Enterprise Europe Network, aiming to help maritime business operators and service suppliers innovate and grow internationally;
The 3rd Atlantic Project Award Ceremony aiming to honour outstanding achievement by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic strategy and that are related to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan.

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Oct 23

#BlueInvest Atlantic


Vigo, Spain

#BlueInvest, the match-making event that brings together innovators and investors to boost the economic potential of the ocean while protecting its marine resources, goes local to Vigo on 23 October. Are you an Atlantic innovator? This your chance to showcase your project, connect with investors and establish new business opportunities. #BlueInvest in the Atlantic is part of the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference, the annual meeting point for everyone involved in designing the Atlantic Blue Economy. It gathers innovators, investors and researchers, SMEs, NGOs, authorities and representatives of the civil society from the Atlantic region.

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Oct 23

Irish MSP Public Consultation Meeting


Dublin, Ireland

The event on October 23rd in St Laurence's DIT will be introduced by Minister Damien English and moderated by renowned Irish surfer Easkey Britton. The Department will give a brief presentation on the Baseline Report and this will be followed by an international perspective on marine planning by Lodewijk Abspoel from the Netherlands. Finally, there will be a panel discussion featuring DIT's Conor Norton, Sinead McCoy of Clean Coasts, a representative of Irish Lights, Irish Water Safety's John Leech and yachtsman Enda O Coineen.

More about this event

More about Irish MSP

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Oct 25

Marine Research and Knowledge in support of Policy Making and Society


Ponta Delgada, Portugal

The deep-sea is still a largely unknown area. Detailed studies of the deep-sea including the seabed are estimated to have been carried out for less than 10% of the world's ocean. Nevertheless we already know that it is a harbinger of a rich biodiversity including deep-sea corals and complex pelagic communities of jellyfish, cephalopods (e.g. squid) and fish species.

This half-day event, organized by EurOcean and its Member FRCT (Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia, is an opportunity to learn about some of the most recent technological developments that have helped improve our understanding of deep-sea biodiversity, ecosystems and geomorphology. Results from deep-sea exploration around the Azores will be presented. Furthermore there will be discussions on the specific knowledge needed to support decision making for the deep-sea and opportunities that could be leveraged in the upcoming Horizon Europe Framework Programme. Finally, practical approaches to implementing best practices in relation to marine knowledge transfer will be considered based on outcomes of recent projects.

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Oct 25

ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2018

25.10.2018 - 27.10.2018

Athens, Greece

The leading light in ensuring successful future developments of marina facilities around the globe, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations’ (ICOMIA) World Marinas Conference is the key initiative of the ICOMIA Marina Group’s Outreach and Support Programme. IWMC is aimed at marina owners, operators, developers, consultants, service providers, Government officials, equipment manufacturers, nautical tourism promoters, and port and harbour operators and draws hundreds of delegates and speakers from around the globe.

IWMC is presented by the ICOMIA Marinas Group (IMG), the committee born out of ICOMIA`s recognition that ensuring boat owners a safe and convenient place to berth, moor or launch their boat is vital to the future of the industry.

The IWMC series is highly informative and relevant to global market trends, whilst the extensive networking opportunities are invaluable for on-going business success and the vast array of exhibits offer insight into the very latest in marina product development and technology. More information on the programme for 2018, sponsorship opportunities and delegate registration will be announced in due course.

For more information please contact




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Oct 29

Our Ocean Conference 2018

29.10.2018 - 30.10.2018

Bali, Indonesia

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia will host the 5th Our Ocean Conference in Bali on 29 and 30 October 2018. Since 2014, Our Ocean Conference has successfully generated commitments totaling around 18 billion dollars (USD) and 12.4 million square kilometers of marine protected areas. Our Ocean Conference 2018 will demonstrate significant progress on past commitments and inspire new commitments made for the continuation of a more concerted and integrated actions for protecting the oceans.

The main objective of Our Ocean Conference is to increase as well as enhance the collaboration and partnership between various ocean stakeholders, which is translated into concrete and actionable commitments. Participants are encouraged to announce their commitments during the conference, as it critically contributes towards global efforts to preserve the oceans' health. Discussions during the Conference will highlight integrated and actionable solutions, which remove barriers between sectors, disciplines, and financing streams to comprehensively address the ocean as an inter-connected system and economy.

Our Ocean Conference 2018 will continue to focus on marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, and climate change-related impacts to the oceans. This year's Our Ocean Conference will also maintain the crosscutting themes of sustainable blue economy and maritime security, as introduced by the European Union in 2017.

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Oct 30

Baltic LINes Energy Challenge for the Baltic Sea

30.10.2018 - 31.10.2018

Copenhagen, Denmark


Nov 01

TEAM4SEAS - “Connecting science, stakeholders and policy for successful MSP in Romania”

01.11.2018 - 30.11.2018

Constanta, Romania

This one-day workshop will be the first event organized within the TEAM4SEAS project and will present the Web-GIS platform in a step-by-step approach. The workshop is open to professionals and students working in the field of marine spatial planning, coastal zone management and land-sea interactions.

More information is forthcoming. Date in November 2018 is to be confirmed.

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Nov 01

BS STEMA Final Conference

01.11.2018 - 30.11.2018

Bucharest, Romania

The conference will engage a wide range of interested stakeholders from public administrations, research and academia and the business community. 

The results undertaken within the project ”Changes in storminess and coastal erosion induced by climate variability along the Black Sea coasts. Management and adaptation (BS STEMA)”(financed by the European Union and the research financial agencies from Romania, Russia and Turkey under the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative) will be presented. More information about specific local contexts will be provided. The conference is also expected to be a platform for relevant land-sea interaction actors, to discuss and consider possible collaborations.

More information is forthcoming. Date in November 2018 is to be confirmed, hosted by University of Bucharest.

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Nov 06

Joint BONUS-HELCOM conference


Copenhagen, Denmark

The Conference reinforces and develops the synergies of HELCOM and BONUS in association with key strategic actors in northern European regional seas – OSPAR, ICES, JPI Oceans – in efforts related to environmental policy and sustainable development of the northern European regional seas.

This conference features and discusses:

  • New research and innovation results
  • Future research priorities and needs from the policy perspective 
  • Next steps towards the joint Baltic Sea and North Sea research and innovation programme

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Nov 06

Interact: Connecting border regions

06.11.2018 - 07.11.2018

Skanör, Sweden

Interact has set up several thematic networks supporting Interreg programmes in their capitalisation efforts. Two of these are the network on ‘Sustainable transport’ and the maritime ‘Knowledge of the seas network’. The one having a focus on sustainable transport (TO 7), the other one being of a horizontal nature – hence having linkages and potential for cross-fertilisation.

The objective of this joint meeting of two thematic networks facilitated by Interact is to tackle the issue of ‘connecting border regions’ both on land and in a maritime geography – and the interlinkages. The event will look at the topic from different perspectives. Firstly, the policy respectively strategic perspective defining where want to go. Secondly, the reality of concrete Interreg programmes and projects contributing to implement these policies and strategies. Lastly, showing visions and recent innovations as a kind of appetizer, stimulation for future work.

More information

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Nov 06

ECOAST Project “New methodologies for an ecosystem approach to spatial and temporal management of fisheries and aquaculture”

06.11.2018 - 08.11.2018

Porto, Portugal

The two day workshop will be organized within the ECOAST project in Portugal to present the project’s results obtained including those obtained by Romania in the Black Sea in the spatial distribution of fisheries related the maritime activities and impact on environment using new methods: Displace, Grid, Invest, cumulative impact.

More information here

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Nov 07

The Future of the Atlantic Strategy


As part of the revamping of the Atlantic Action Plan, the European Commission is organising a series of workshops on the future of the Atlantic Strategy which will held in the 5 member states of the region over the coming months. The first workshop was held in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain on the 12th September and the second in Viana do Castelo in Portugal, on 28 September. Future workshops are scheduled to be held in in Ireland (Dublin) TBC, UK (Liverpool) on the 7th November and France TBC.

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Nov 07

MSP for Blue Growth Webinar - Developing Visions in MSP: an Introduction to the Handbook



This is the first webinar in a series presenting the 2018 study on MSP for Blue Growth. More information on the study and webinar series can be found here. 

Webinar: 7 November 2018, 16:00 CET

The purpose of the Visions Handbook is to assist planners in developing a maritime vision or a strategy, as well as assisting those who wish to prepare the terms of reference for facilitating a vision process. The handbook provides quick and easy access to relevant tools and methods, building on lessons learnt from vision development processes across Europe. It indicates a range of possibilities for working with visions, showcasing options and ideas, rather than being prescriptive.

The presentation will cover different tools and methods that can be used for developing a vision, different formats a vision making process could result in, and discuss usefulness of such processes and their outputs for MSP. The presentation will also answer some practical questions including: 
•    How to conduct background research for the vision development process, including analysis of the existing policy context and future trends in maritime sectors?
•    When is it useful to develop scenarios or forecasts and how can they be developed?
•    What are the benefits of involving stakeholders and what are some useful interactive methods that can be used in different stages of the process?
•    How to best communicate the vision as to foster ownership and commitment?
•    What additional literature sources and examples can aid future vision development process?

There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the webinar. 

The Visions Handbook can be found here on the EU MSP Platform website:

Please register for the Visions Handbook webinar here.


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Nov 09

Towards sustainable maritime and coastal tourism communities


Brussels, Belgium

This conference is aimed to key tourism stakeholders, EU policy-makers, regional and local authorities, among others. It intends to launch a reflection on tourism sustainable management, discuss the state of the art of the EU agenda, hear experiences from different actors, and raise awareness on MITOMED+’s answer to this challenge in the Mediterranean. Besides, on this occasion, the draft integrated MED M&C tourism management model will be presented.

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Nov 14

Annual event Interreg Central Baltic

14.11.2018 - 15.11.2018

Turku, Finland

The Annual event is held in Turku, Finland between 14-15 November. The focus of the event is networking, results and information exchange from and between projects. More information will become available during the summer of 2018.

More information

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Nov 14

PORTODIMARE International Conference on ICZM&MSP

14.11.2018 - 15.11.2018

Budva, Montenegro

More information is forthcoming

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Nov 14

6th WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

14.11.2018 - 16.11.2018

Hong Kong

The SOS brings together representatives from shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, seabed mining, tourism, renewable energy, ports, dredging, submarine cables, marine science, engineering and technology, the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and other sectors - as well as ocean stakeholders from the government, inter-governmental, academic and environment communities.

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Nov 21

MSP for Blue Growth Webinar - Investigating Current and Future Spatial Demands of Key Maritime Sectors



This is the second webinar in a series presenting the 2018 study on MSP for Blue Growth. More information on the study and webinar series can be found here. 

Webinar: 21 November 2018 at 16:00 CET

The sector fiches deal mainly with the MSP dimension in the expected evolution of the analysed sectors, putting the focus on investigating current and future potential spatial demands of the sectors. At the same time, the fiches look at the interaction that exists among sectors, and offer a set of concrete recommendations to inform MSP processes. Finally, the fiches aim at being a solid first information source listing the most relevant actors, initiatives, and available literature in the sector in question.

The presentation will cover the following topics:
•    What are the present spatial needs of each sector?
•    Which anticipated future developments of each sector are relevant to MSP?
•    What recommendations can be made to support the sectors in MSP processes?

There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the webinar. 

Sector fiches can be found on the EU MSP Platform website at:

Please register for the Sector Fiches webinar here.


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Nov 21

Interactive stakeholder workshop on shipping in the North Sea

21.11.2018 - 22.11.2018

Malmo, Sweden

The NorthSEE project has delivered some interesting findings on the different approaches of countries in dealing with shipping lanes, shipping measures, and safety zones between offshore wind farms and shipping measures. The findings provide a solid ground for discussion on the role of Maritime Spatial Planning in facilitating a sustainable growth of the shipping sector. Therefore, the NorthSEE project is organising an interactive workshop with shipping related stakeholders in the North Sea. Using the MSP Challenge software, participants will discuss current and upcoming measures, future industry trends with their spatial implications and the role of MSP.

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Nov 21

EOOS Conference

21.11.2018 - 23.11.2018

Brussels, Belgium

The EOOS Conference will bring together and connect diverse ocean observing stakeholder communities, from science, public authorities, industry and wider society, to identify concrete joint actions towards an inclusive, better coordinated & sustained European ocean observing capacity. The Conference will build on the progress made at the EOOS Forum in March 2018 to launch an EOOS strategy and implementation plan, together with a Call to action.

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Nov 22

Blue Growth Community Mid-Term Conference “Blue Economy: The Blue Way of Life”

22.11.2018 - 23.11.2018

Barcelona, Spain

The Conference’s purpose is to reflect on the sustainable dimension of Blue Growth, whether it will be in terms of development, mitigation of issues, planning, or governance. The sessions aim to put into perspective the results of all Blue Growth thematic projects for a general peer reviewing from all participants and discuss about the Blue Economy. In addition, it will be the occasion to present Blue Growth projects including updates about their main activities, goals and services, providing information on development and opportunities to all Blue Growth Community.

In this sense, InnoBlueGrowth coordinates the Conference’s Agenda in order to discuss topics such as: Public Engagement and Awareness, Market Development, Sustainability, and Clusters in the blue growth context, involving the modular and integrated projects: iBlue, Maestrale, Pelagos, Proteus, 4Helix+ and Mistral.  

More about this event

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Nov 26

Baltic Earth Workshop on "Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region"

26.11.2018 - 27.11.2018

Tallinn, Estonia

The workshop is organised in collaboration with BONUS, HELCOM and ICES and it takes place 26-27 November 2018 at Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia.

The workshop intends to bring together experts in the different drivers of environmental changes to discuss achievements and prospects in research on the inter-dependencies between the different natural and man-made drivers, with the aim to assess the state of knowledge and develop strategies to alleviate detrimental effects on the environment.

International renowned speakers have been invited for an interesting programme. A tentative goal is to elaborate particular topics for further research, and start the process of preparing a White Paper.

More about this event

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Dec 03

12th International Conference on Oceanography & Marine Biology

03.12.2018 - 04.12.2018

Rome, Italy

Dec 04

Enhancing EU policy with ecosystem-based approaches

04.12.2018 - 05.12.2018

Brussels, Belgium

The Mid-term workshop and public hearing of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community featured by the PANACeA project will take place in Brussels, 4th and 5th December 2018. The collaborative workshop "Ecosystem based approaches: benefits for people and nature" will gather 11 projects on biodiversity protection and PANACeA from the Interreg Med programme together with EU institutions to present and support the transferability of their results to a wider audience including external environmental actors, policy makers and scientists.

The second day, together with the SEArica Intergroup, a public hearing at the EU Parliament on "Mediterranean ecosystems in danger: Enhancing EU policy response" will discuss solutions to preserve ecosystems and their biodiversity and increase the resilience of natural resources in the Mediterranean Sea. This event will encourage a stronger commitment of all stakeholders for a better understanding and application of an ecosystem-based management in the development and implementation of policies at all levels.

More about this event

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Dec 04

2nd workshop of the "International Forum for Maritime Spatial Planning"

04.12.2018 - 07.12.2018

La Réunion island, French outermost region, European Union

The 2nd edition of the International MSP Forum will take place from 4 to 7 December on the island of La Réunion. It is time again for you to apply and join us for a dynamic and interactive workshop amongst planners from all over the world. 

Just as the 1st edition, the event will be jointly organised by the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission (DG MARE) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO), from 4th to  7th of December 2018. This will be the occasion to continue working on international guidelines on cross-border MSP, as set out in the "Joint Roadmap to accelerate Maritime/Marine Spatial Planning processes worldwide" adopted during the 2ndInternational Conference on Maritime Spatial Planning, in March 2017 in Paris. 

Due to the very interactive format and the overarching aim to discuss and exchange good practices, places are limited to 100 participants. Participants will be selected following gender and geographical balance to ensure fair access to the event. Priority is given to Maritime Spatial planners and those directly involved in MSP. 

Apply for the Forum through this link:

Applications are opened until 26.10 and participants will received a confirmation of participation only after this date. 

Selected speakers will be supported financially although not all expenses will be covered. 

Find the report of the 1st edition of the Forum online:

For enquiries about the event, please contact .

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Dec 05

MSP for Blue Growth Webinar - Developing Indicators for MSP: an Introduction to the Handbook



This is the third and final webinar in a series presenting the 2018 study on MSP for Blue Growth. More information on the study and webinar series can be found here. 

Webinar: 5 December 2018 at 16:00 CET

The Indicators Handbook presents a step-by-step approach to developing MSP indicators. In particular, the Handbook aims to provide the maritime spatial planning community with suggestions on the use of spatial indicators that could support the consideration of Blue Growth in MSP processes. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for MSP and related indicator development, which is why the Handbook offers a flexible approach with examples of possible indicators that need to be customised to the local contexts.

The presentation will cover the following topics: 
•    How to define SMART objectives?
•    Making the links between objectives and indicators
•    Identification of sources of information
•    How to define baselines?
•    How to define target values, while considering external factors and assumptions

There will be an opportunity for questions at the end of the webinar. 

The Indicators Handbook can be found on the EU MSP Platform website at:

Please register for the Indicators Handbook webinar here.


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Dec 07

European Blue Bioeconomy Forum


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This forum is organised for industries, public agencies, financial organisations, researchers and civil society, working on or interested in the Blue Bioeconomy of the EU – aquatic and marine environments. During the event we will look at the current status of the emerging Blue Bioeconomy in Europe, identify strategic developments, market opportunities, financing possibilities and research priorities. We will discuss challenges for the sustainable production of food, non-food and feed in the Blue Bioeconomy sector. The exchange of ideas is expected to result in formulation of a roadmap for the development of the Blue Bioeconomy in the EU.

More about this event

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Dec 10

FishForum 2018

10.12.2018 - 14.12.2018

Rome, Italy (Headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

The Fish Forum on Fisheries Science in the Mediterranean and the Black sea is organised by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization. 

The Fish Forum will have an interdisciplinary focus, addressing the three interrelated themes listed below. Thematic sessions will highlight leading research in these areas based, among others, on contributions received through a call for abstracts. Keynote speakers will spotlight cross-cutting topics and thematic panels and transversal panels will offer opportunities for dynamic discussion on prominent issues. Side events are foreseen to complement the main thematic discussions and draw attention to innovative work, while poster sessions and stands will provide further opportunities to showcase relevant research.

To register as a participant and/or to submit an abstract for consideration, please visit complete the registration form with all relevant details, includingthe proposed abstract. Registration and the call for abstracts will open frommid-November 2017.


Submission of abstracts-15thMay 2018(notification of acceptance of abstracts by 30thJune 2018)(

Registration -30thSeptember 2018(

Key topics:


Improving knowledge on stock status
Innovative strategies to provide advice
The effectiveness of area-based management


Addressing climate change as a priority issue
Tackling pressing environmental challenges
The interaction between vulnerable species and human activities


Improving knowledge on the social and economic impact of fisheries
Mapping value chains
Marine technology promoting economic and environmental sustainability of fisheries

Main speakers:

Manuel Barange, Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Divisionof FAO (FIA)

Anne Christine Brusendorff, General Secretary, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)

Serge Garcia, Chair, Fisheries Experts Group of the IUCN Commission of Ecosystem Management (IUCN/CEM/FEG)

Lasse Gustavsson, Vice President and Executive Director, OCEANA

Masanori Miyahara, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency 

Ernesto Penas-Lado, European Commission, DG MARE

Who will attend?

The Fish Forum will be an opportunity to benefit from a wider range of expertise than typically reaches other regional conferences and will aim at removing barriers to sharing knowledge and information. It will provide an overview of the latest trends and achievements in ocean sciences and fishery technology and will explore future needs. The target audience is intended to be scientists, researchers, engineers, academics, practitioners, managers and decision makers that have fisheries and marine-related responsibilities. A call for abstracts will ensure that select renowned experts have the opportunity to disseminate their latest research findings and present them to the Fish Forum. The participation of early career scientists will also actively be promoted.


The Forum is organised with the financial support of the European Union

Technical partners



More information about this event here

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Dec 12

SIMWESTMED / SUPREME closing conference

12.12.2018 - 13.12.2018

Venice, Italy

There will be a joint closing conference of the projects related to the implementation of EU MSP Directive in the Eastern and in the Western Mediterranean regions, SIMWESTMED and SUPREME, co-funded by DG MARE. More information is forthcoming.

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Jan 15

Irish Sea Maritime Forum Biennal Conference


Cardiff, UK

The first Irish Sea Maritime Forum Biennial Conference will be held in Wales at the National Assembly for Wales estate in Cardiff. The event aims to bring together stakeholders from across the Irish Sea to learn about and discuss issues of current and shared interest.

The morning session provides an update from across the Irish Sea on marine planning (including the forthcoming Welsh National Marine Plan) and the development of the network of Marine Protected Areas. Over lunch delegates will be able to view an exhibition of Irish Sea related projects and meet some of the partners that have been involved with these. The afternoon session spotlights climate change and associated activity in the Irish Sea region including the response of coastal authorities in Wales associated with their duties under the 2015 Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. The day concludes with a presentation on the new Irish Sea Centre that is being established in the Isle of Man and plans for the ISMF conference that will be held in the Isle of Man in 2020. The conference is free of charge.

More about this event

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Jan 24

Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019


St. Julians, Malta

Following the successful Blue Invest event of May 2018 in Brussels, and within the context of their work on blue investment, the European Commission (DG MARE) is hosting the “Blue Invest in the Mediterranean 2019” event. It will take place on 24 January 2019 in Malta and will gather approximately 300 participants interested in the blue economy of the Mediterranean Sea basin. Following a similar approach to that of the May 2018 Blue Invest event, promoting investment in an innovative blue economy, the aim is to mobilise private sector investment capital and lending. The blue economy has significant potential for sustainable growth and job creation, particularly around the Mediterranean Sea basin. Investment capital, both public and private, can play a significant role in developing this economic potential. Through this event, the Commission wants to increase the engagement of the financial community with the blue economy, and to stimulate investment interest in marine and maritime sectors. In addition, the event will indirectly support the implementation of cooperation initiatives amongst Mediterranean countries in the context of the UfM Blue Economy Forum, the WestMED Initiative, and the EUSAIR.

Call for expression of interest to pitch application deadine: 21 November 2018

More about this event

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Jan 30

EuroMarine General Assembly

30.01.2019 - 31.01.2019

Cadiz, Spain

In 2019, the EuroMarine General Assembly (GA) meeting will take place in Cádiz, Spain, on 30 January (all day) and 31 January 2019 (morning). It will be hosted and co-organised by the University of Cádiz (UCA).

It will be preceded on 28 and 29 Jan. by EuroMarine working group meetings and/or other side events yet to be confirmed. It will be followed by a (closed) EuroMarine Steering Committee meeting, on Thu. 31 Jan. PM.

Two salient items on the agenda:

  • a specific EuroMarine working group is preparing an analysis of all scientific activities funded by EuroMarine in its first four years of existence and will report on it during the GA meeting;
  • the GA will discuss and make decisions regarding the operational launch of the EuroMarine not-for-profit Legal Entity (which will serve as a support structure for the EuroMarine Consortium); this legal entity could indeed be recently created as an association under French law; its creation was announced in the French Official Journal of 1 Sept. 2018; it should be ready during Fall 2018 to manage EuroMarine 2019 budget and seek additional funding sources.

More about this event

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Feb 13

Save the Date: Connecting Seas NorthSEE - Baltic LINes MSP Conference

13.02.2019 - 14.02.2019

Hamburg, Germany


May 16

European Maritime Day

16.05.2019 - 17.05.2019

Lisbon, Portugal

The focus of the European Maritime Day 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, will be on blue entrepreneurship, innovation and investment to transform traditional maritime sectors and boost emerging technologies and value chains. A specific focus will be put on research and innovation for a plastic-free ocean. The Call for Stakeholder workshops has also been launched and you can apply for the organisation of a workshop by submitting your online application before 30/11/2018.

The EMD is the annual EU meeting point on maritime affairs and blue growth. It targets maritime professionals, entrepreneurs and ocean leaders from Academia, NGOs, businesses, governments and public institutions. Stakeholders will find the EMD a great opportunity to touch base with strategic partners, to make new contacts, get visibility for projects, activities and achievements, gain new insights into the evolving EU policy and funding landscape and provide input into European Maritime Policy formulation. Through a dedicated matchmaking application, participants will be able to ask for matchmaking slots with other participants and post their profiles online.

EMD 2019 will also be celebrated across Europe, through ‘EMD in my Country’ events and activities, big and small, that in 2019 will focus, in particular, on mobilising citizens and young people around the theme of responsible and sustainable use of the oceans. The EMD portal lets you find which events are happening around Europe and in your neighborhood.

More information about this event


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Jun 11

EurOCEAN conference

11.06.2019 - 12.06.2019

Paris, France

The next (2019) edition of the EurOCEAN conference will take place on 11-12 June 2019, in Paris (France), hosted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (7 place Fontenoy - 75007 Paris, France) and managed by the European Marine Board.

To keep track of the most recent information on this event visit the conference series' website ( or the Marine Board website (, or follow the Marine Board on Twitter (@EMarineBoard).

More about this event

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Jun 12

10th Annual Forum of EUSBSR

12.06.2019 - 13.06.2019

Gdansk, Poland

It is time to SAVE THE DATE of the 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)! The jubilee year's Annual Forum will take place in Gdansk, Poland on 12-13 June 2019 - put the dates on your calendar & stay tuned for more updates.

More about this event

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