Report published Romanian Expert Roundtable on MSP Capacity


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8 March, 2018

An expert roundtable was organised to share up-to-date information of on-going research and existing good practices, as well as to support the Romanian MSP authority and involved sectoral ministries. Specific needs from the MSP authority and sectoral ministries were identified beforehand:
• What is the relationship between the national plan and other national/European regulations?
• How to extract relevant conclusions from a mass of raw data?
• How to integrate cross-sectorally and analyse synergies or conflicts?
• What is the relationship between terrestrial and maritime areas and how to interact with ICZM aspects?

The roundtable addressed these identified topics and aimed to find out more about specific needs. During the day, the focus was on methodologies necessary for the elaboration of a national MSP. Discussions after
the presentations linked directly to examples of current processes and provided input. The roundtable fostered a better understanding of the four selected aspects of MSP, taking into account the importance of
strengthening collaboration between administrative institutions. Time for discussion and exchange concretely addressed the most pressing questions from the participants and provided answers how
regarding MSP can be turned into a real planning process. The roundtable also took into account results of the MARSPLAN-BS project.

Read the minutes of the meeting here:

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