Regional Seas in Comparative Perspective: Security and Sustainability

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22 August, 2018 - 25 August, 2018
Hamburg, Germany

The section is part of the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference. It sets out to bring oceans and regional seas closer to the center of the discipline by tackling the most recent developments in a systematic and comparative way. The goal is to increase general knowledge about politics in the marine realm. Panels aim at contracting research in both issue areas from two perspectives with two complementary dimensions: the first take on both sustainability and security in the oceans and regional seas from the perspective of levels of governance. The section aims to analyze both horizontal interaction on the regional level and interactions between the global level and the regional level. While the former zooms in on marine and maritime regionalization, the latter pays due regard to the global embeddedness and continuities of the oceans and regional seas. The second perspective on sustainability and security in the oceans and regional seas looks at politics’ different dimensions: the process and actor dimension on the one hand, the institutional and policy dimension on the other. 

Combining these perspectives and dimensions the Section plans for Panels on the following topics: Marine geopolitics of regional seas, marine environmental and security cooperation, global governance organization and maritime conflicts in the regional seas, non-state actors and multi-stakeholder partnerships in regional seas and multi-level marine sustainability governance, comparative institutional design and effectiveness of regional seas arrangements, and comparative implementation of the SDGs in the regional seas.

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