Poland and Denmark sign agreement on maritime boundary in the Baltic Sea

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28 November, 2018

The ministers for foreign affairs of Poland and Denmark met in Brussels on 19 November to sign an Agreement concerning the delimitation of maritime zones in the Baltic Sea. This means that there is now no longer 'grey zone'.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen:

“I am very pleased with today’s historic signing of the treaty on maritime delimitation between Poland and Denmark. We have now closed the negotiations that were started more than 40 years ago and taken the first step in formalizing the agreement. This is great news indeed and shows our common commitment to solve difficult issues through negotiations.”

The Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz:

“Today’s signing ceremony marks an important day in our bilateral relations. It signifies that with commitment, mutual trust and respect it is possible to successfully end even longstanding disputes. I strongly believe that both countries will conclude as soon as possible their internal procedures necessary for the Agreement to enter into force.“

The treaty will be subject to respective internal procedures in both countries necessary to bring the Agreement into force.

The disputed zone in the Baltic Sea between Poland and Denmark
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