Pan Baltic Scope workshop on economic and social analyses in MSP

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13 December, 2018
Helsinki, Finland

The workshop will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 13 December 2018. It will be organised back-to-back with a meeting of the HELCOM expert network on economic and social analyses, taking place the following day.

The purpose of the workshop is to consider existing knowledge regarding ESA applied in MSP at the Baltic Sea regional scale, and evaluate how remaining knowledge gaps could be filled. The Workshop will discuss the existing literature and national approaches for ESA in MSP, based on the information collated and approaches under development within the Pan Baltic Scope project. A major aim will be to share experiences of ESA utilized under BSAP/MSFD with relevance to MSP. The information and discussion from the workshop will be used in the Pan Baltic Scope project to establish a shared basis for further work on inclusion of ESA in MSP in the HELCOM region. 

The Workshop is open to nominated experts from Contracting Parties, partners of the Pan Baltic Scope project, as by information to at the latest by 30 November 2018. Instructions for workshop registration will be sent to the nominated attendees at a later stage.

Pan Baltic Scope is also organising a regional expert workshop together with HELCOM on essential fish habitats on 12 and 13 December in Riga, Latvia. More information here.

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