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28 October, 2016
Sevilla, Spain

MSP platform representatives take part at the opening session of the ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER COURSE ON MARITIME SPATIAL PLANNING

The Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (EMMCMSP) is a two-years advanced professional master program, in which three high-rated European universities participate: Università Iuav di Venezia as coordinator,University of Seville, University of Azores. Students will familiarize themselves with key issues involved in policies formulation and planning strategies for maritime space, to improve the management of resources from an environmental, economic, social and legal perspective within the framework of Maritime policies.

The West MED focal point from the MSP platform, Javier Fernandez, was invited to participate in the opening session of the Master Course that took place last 7 October in Seville, and delivered to the audience and the students a presentation of the platform, its objectives and the services provided by our team.

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