Online Workshop: Maritime Spatial Planning and Offshore Wind Energy.


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22 September, 2020

The first cross-sectoral workshop within the Capacity4MSP project platform will be dedicated to the Energy sector. The online workshop titled ‘Maritime Spatial Planning and Offshore Wind Energy’ will take place on 22 September 2020.

The workshop aims to support the exchange between the public authorities responsible for maritime spatial planning, offshore wind energy authorities, and the offshore wind industry. The workshop is led by the SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth EEIG on behalf of the Capacity4MSP project and co-organised by WindEurope, EUSBSR PA Energy, BEMIP (energy ministries), Vattenfall, German and Estonian wind energy associations.

Apart from sharing good practices and lessons learnt during planning processes undertaken in several Baltic Sea countries, the workshop provides an opportunity for the discussion and the exchange of views and insights on the topics that were identified as relevant by public authorities and industry:

Topic 1: Maritime spatial planning addressing the national development targets for renewable energy.
Topic 2: Spatial planning criteria for offshore cables – interactions with other sectors, with land interconnectors and across borders.
Topic 3: Co-location & multi-use of space between the offshore wind farms and other uses – the need for a collaborative approach to policymaking.
Topic 4: Offshore wind environmental impacts (positive and negative).

Contact information:
Ivana Lukic, SUBMARINER Network for Blue Growth