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Oceans meeting

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7 September, 2017 - 8 September, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

The Ocean and marine resources form an integrated and essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem and are critical to sustainable development, playing an indisputable role as drivers for the global economy with significant potential for innovation and growth.

Recent landmark agreements, namely the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes a stand-alone goal for the oceans (SDG 14), helped to underscore the importance of the conservation and sustainable use of the Ocean and marine resources.

In light of these developments, we believe on the importance of keeping all the international players and stakeholders fully engaged in this debate, strengthening our commitment to the sustainable use of the Ocean and the development of a blue economy.

The Portuguese Government has assumed the Ocean as one of the main investment areas for the coming years, by designating a Minister of the Sea with three major priorities for Ocean Governance: the state’s sovereignty, the economy and the Ocean Literacy.

The event “Oceans Meeting 2017” focus on three main strategic areas of Ocean Policy: Economy, Ocean Culture, Science and Innovation. In this context, the four main goals of the event are:

1. Reinforce the role of common Ocean policies in the international context;
2. Enforcement of science and research in the blue economy;
3. Promote the Ocean’s literacy among young people;
4. Promote national and international visibility of entrepreneurs and industries.

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