Now available: Study on best practice for cross-border collaboration in MSP

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12 June, 2017

The study, published by the European Commission, draws from a number of international case studies and should help elaborate recommendations that can support the international promotion and exchange of MSP.

The study focuses on 4 main deliverables:

  • The review of existing guidance and MSP processes, and compilation of a detailed inventory of MSP implementation outside the EU – the Global MSP Inventory;
  • An in-depth comparative analysis of four case studies of MSP implementation, including literature review, site visits and key informant interviews, that identifies lessons learned in MSP, and good practices in support of cross-border cooperation;
  • The formulation of recommendations on the international exchange of MSP, including recommendations on the application of MSP in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ);
  • The presentation of cross-border preliminary findings at the 2nd International MSP Conference (March 2017, Paris).

The main study report and accompanying four case study summary reports are available on the European Commission website. A description of the study in available in our Practices Database.