NorthSEE publishes three new reports

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30 May, 2018

The NorthSEE project, working on fostering the coherence in MSP processes and plans in the North Sea Region, has published several new reports.

  • A status quo report on offshore energy planning provisions analyses the transnational energy cooperation in the region and the energy profiles of the countries. Current developments (e.g. increasing size of offshore wind farms) as well as future industry (e.g floating wind) and policy trends are explained and visualised. Most relevant for planners are the chapters on possible spatial implications of these trends. Besides the report itself, several annexes and infographics are included, which provide more detailed information on for example licencing procedures.
  • Transnational MSP in the North Sea: The Shipping context offers an overview of the current designated shipping routes by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and in national MSPs. Based on their findings, the report writers found several possible inconsistencies in the designation of transnational shipping routes in the region. Besides this, the report also looks at the future shipping industry trends and possible ways planners can deal with these trends.
  • Improving the Co-existence of Offshore Energy installations & Shipping explains the spatial conflict between these uses, and the method of applying safety distances to improve their co-existence. Currently, every country has their own way of doing this, using Navigational Risks Assessments (NRAs). While these methods and outcomes differ, the report recommends improving these NRA process and harmonization among North Sea countries.

All reports and annexes can be read on the NorthSEE website or downloaded from its library section.