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NorthSEE project Stakeholder Workshop MSP Challenge

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21 February, 2018

The NorthSEE project will organise an unique stakeholder workshop on ecological aspects within the (greater) North Sea region, which will take place on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) at Texel in the Netherlands. Texel has an unique geographical location between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea where people live with the sea. The North Sea is a rich environmental asset. However, economic activities (such as shipping, fishing, oil and gas extraction, offshore renewables, recreation and military activities) influence the environment and have an impact on the flora and fauna in the (greater) North Sea region. Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in general and the NorthSEE project in particular aim at contributing to a sustainable North Sea region. The focus of this first NorthSEE workshop will be on achieving cross-border coherency in dealing with ecological and environmental aspects of Marine and Maritime Spatial Planning in the (greater) North Sea area.

Ecosystem based Maritime Spatial Planning requires an understanding of current mechanisms, methods, ambitions and measures to deal with the marine environment. During this workshop we will present our work on this so far and like to discuss with you the way ahead. This will involve securing and sharing data and information available needed for answering relevant cross border MSP topics including: Achieving a coherent network of Marine Protected Areas. Ecological modelling for MSP and estimating (cumulative) pressures. Carrying out Strategic Environmental Assessments. Consultation processes and stakeholder involvement. Dealing with blind spots, emerging topics and new evidence.

These aspects will be discussed with the help of an interactive simulation game, the Maritime Spatial Planning Challenge 2050 - NorthSEE edition. The MSP Challenge is a computer supported simulation-game that gives maritime spatial planners and stakeholders insight in the diverse challenges of sustainable planning of human activities in the marine and coastal ecosystem.

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