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News items added in June

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28 June, 2018

Many items have been added to the EU MSP Platform website in the month of June, take a look below! Missed the news in May? Not to worry - an overview can be found here.


Scottish Marine Protected Areas Socioeconomic Monitoring

Possibilities and challenges for MSP integration - Baseline-mapping and refined case study design

Maritime Spatial Plan for the Cross-Border Area Mangalia - Shabla

SIMCelt MSP Evaluation Report


MESH - Survey Scoping Tool

Strategic Environmental Assessment Better Practice Guide

CPMR - IMC Working Group on Transport and Integrated Maritime Policy

AquaSpace case study final reports

Elaboration of Detailed Study on the Establishment of a New Ship Routing System in Territorial Sea of the Republic of Bulgaria

WestMED Initiative: Towards an Initiative for the sustainable development of the blue economy in the western Mediterranean

Report on MSP data exchange and dissemination

Handbook for Visions in MSP

SNIMar Geoportal: A tool for integrated geographic information for marine and coastal water management

Belgian Vision for the North Sea 2050



PORTODIMARE - geoPortal of Tools & Data for sustainable Management of coAstal and maRine Environment

Wadden Sea Long-Term Ecosystem Research

DORY - Capitalization actions for aDriatic marine envirOnment pRotection and ecosYstem based management

SEAPLANSPACE - Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance

SNIMar Project: Preparation of integrated geographic information for marine and coastal water management

PHAROS4MPAs - Blue Economy and Marine Conservation: Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environmental Status

Marine Investment for the Blue Economy


News items

Sector Fiches on EU MSP Platform

Swedish MSP consultation meeting coming up

New MSP projects websites public!


EC Blue Economy study published

Swedish MSP consultation meeting outputs

Pan Baltic Scope Conference outputs

Polish public MSP consultation

Ireland votes to declare 50% of marine waters of MPAs