New MSP projects in the Atlantic Ocean and Black Sea


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26 June, 2019

The main objective of the project “Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea (MARSPLAN-BS II)” is to support the coherent cross-sectoral MSP in Bulgaria and Romania and establish a long-lasting mechanism for the Black Sea Basin cross-border cooperation on MSP. This will be achieved building on the earlier MARSPLAN-BS project (MSP 2014) to further develop the national maritime spatial plants through addressing LSI and multi-use, taking into account environmental, socio-economic aspects, coherence between plans and other processes (ICZM), and strengthening the early transboundary cooperation between BG and RO. View the MARSPLAN-BS II project description here.

SIMAtlantic seeks to strengthen links between those working on MSP in five Atlantic sea basin countries. This will be achieved through developing an ‘Atlantic vision’ for MSP in the region based upon findings from a series of linked case studies and cross-cutting themes to be conducted during the project, whilst also recognising the geographic characteristics of the Atlantic region, current spatial uses and needs and existing governance arrangements. Four Cross-cutting Themes will be advanced in the project. These largely correspond to specific provisions in the EU MSP Directive and relate to governance; cumulative effects/impacts assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment; data and information; and Land-sea interactions. View the SIMAtlatlantic project description here.