MUSES Final Conference

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10 October, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The project will engage a wide range of interested stakeholders from the business community, public administrations, research and academia. The aim is to present the EU wide Multi-Use Action Plan that addresses a variety of multi-use combinations including those driven by offshore renewable energy for example in combination with different types of aquaculture, but also those driven by tourism sector in combination with underwater cultural heritage or fisheries (pescatourism). 

This will be an opportunity to learn more about opportunities in case study areas and results from various pilot projects. The latest MUSES reports available for download on the project website include the Sea Basin Analysisfinal technical report, Stakeholder Profilesas well as the Multi Use Analysisreport that highlights main opportunities, barriers and good practices across all five EU sea basins. Results from the project multi-use Case Studies, provide more information about specific local contexts and assess how suitable these environments are for certain multi-use concepts. The conference is also expected to be a platform for relevant blue growth actors, to discuss the Action Plan and consider possible commitments to advance multi-use development in Europe. 

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