Jun 20

Viscous Space North Sea Conference (Viscous18)

20.06.2018 - 22.06.2018

Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Urbanization processes coupled with shifting oceanic cycles have dramatically changed cities and landscapes in and around the North Sea over the centuries. However spatial pressure within the interpenetrating urban and ecological North Sea systems has reached unprecedented levels. How can the spatial disciplines address this condition?  

This conference opens up a new perspective on historical urban studies by advancing the spatial realm of the sea into the geographical and conceptual foreground. We argue that it is vitally important to examine this evolving space as a cultivated artefact in order to understand its past and therefore to imagine its (sustainable) future. Such an examination requires a combined cross-disciplinary effort to re-conceptualize the sea as the essential founding space of the region and an agent of urban development. 

Interactions within this space are both tangible and intangible, solid and liquid. Historical legacies of the sea are legible in the built environment, but also concealed at underwater and coastal heritage sites. Port cities have traditionally been the sites of land-sea exchange in both material and non-material ways. Unfamiliar, mobile or temporary urban formats not only inhabit offshore space, but are also delivered back to land, steering spatial development and frequently in juxtaposition to the historical urban fabric of the greater North Sea Region. 

The offshore perspective on the North Sea compliments ongoing research at the Centre for Global Heritage and Development and the Chair of History of Architecture and Urban Planning, in particular port cities, global petroleumscapes and ocean urbanization. The conference aims to develop new methods of addressing urbanized maritime areas through the following question:

How have historical processes of ocean urbanization reshaped our regional economic, social, cultural, and human environments both at sea and on land?

In particular regarding;

  • physical conditions; ecology, infrastructure and artifacts
  • legal and theoretical constructions
  • narratives, representations and projections
  • heritage debates

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Jun 26

Making fish farming sustainable - Innovative & eco-friendly solutions to tackle escapees, sea lice and other challenges


Room A5G1, European Parliament, Brussels

MEP Nils Torvalds will chair an event entitled “Making fish farming sustainable - Innovative & eco-friendly solutions to tackle escapees, sea lice and other challenges" organised by the European Parliament Forum on Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment, with the support of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) and the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA).

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness regarding some negative impacts that conventional aquaculture systems have on the surrounding environment such as parasites infestations and the problem of escapees. Indeed, when farmed fish escapes in the wild, not only they contribute to the spreading of parasites in the natural environment, but they also interfere with the spawning process of the wild fish threatening the survival of wild fish stocks. The event will also highlight some positive examples of closed aquaculture systems as sustainable solutions to the EU's wish to increase aquaculture production by demonstrating that they are economically viable.

If you wish to register  or if you need an accreditation to access the European Parliament, please send an email to by the 19th of June. 

For more information about this event:

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Jun 26

Beyond the coast 2018: JNCC's Conference on the future of the offshore

26.06.2018 - 27.06.2018

University of Hull, Hull, UK

2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the first MPA designated in UK offshore waters. To mark this milestone, JNCC are launching ‘Beyond the Coast’, a conference specifically focussed on progressive marine conservation in the UK’s offshore marine environment.

This event will bring together a diverse range of practitioners, academics and others to discuss key overarching themes, such as how to deal with uncertainty, assessing the health of the marine environment beyond the coast and working together to achieve common goals. Q&A panels and breakout sessions will enable lively debate and interaction, with the aim of setting the ground for future collaborations and networking.

The objectives of Beyond the Coast 2018 are to:

  • Enable a review of the status of UK’s offshore marine environment in 2018, providing the opportunity for multi-disciplinary discussion around topical offshore issues;
  • Capture the challenges the future health of our offshore marine environment faces and explore potential solutions;
  • Facilitate new collaborations to build our collective knowledge base for effective environmental management beyond the coast.

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Jun 27

MUSES second stakeholder workshop ’Embracing opportunities – Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan development workshop’


Venice, Italy

The second MUSES (Multi-Use in European Seas) project workshop will take place on Wednesday 27th of June 2018, Venice, Italy. This EU wide workshop will gather actors from the maritime business community, planning, policy and regulatory agencies, financing bodies - including EU programmes - and research institutions, to discuss the draft Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan. The workshop also aims to provide a suitable environment where actors can meet and discuss potential synergies among sectors and collaborations for establishing Multi-Use. MUSES Stakeholder Profiles report and ten case studies are  publicly available, while the results from an EU-wide assessment of multi-use potential is also soon to be available on MUSES website. Report from the fist stakeholder workshop in Poole 2017 is available here.

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Jun 27

Maritime Energy Transition - Setting the Course towards Decarbonisation of Shipping


European Parliament Brussels

Since the Paris Agreement left out international shipping from any climate goals, the white elephant in room since 2015 has been: What is international shipping´s contribution in reaching the climate goals? The EU Parliament positioned itself shortly afterwards and asked the IMO to act. In April 2018 the IMO agreed to at least halve the greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The question at hand is now: How to reach the IMO goals?

For the shipping industry, 2050 is almost “tomorrow”, and to cut its emissions by 50% or even more is obviously impossible without significant changes regarding technologies, supply chains, fuels, etc.

Together with VDMA Engines and Systems, the Searica intergroup , will organise a conference on the "Maritime Energy Transition" to discuss the opportunities and challenges with MEPs and representatives from the European Commission, maritime industry, ports, NGOs and science.

More information is available here

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Jun 27

High Seas International Conference

27.06.2018 - 28.06.2018

Boulogne, France

Nausicaa, the National Sea Centre, is inviting interested individuals to the High Seas International Conference, to raise public awareness and mobilise civil society on the challenges of the High Seas. The conference is co-organised with l'Agence Française pour la Biodiversité (AFB), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Ocean Forum, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Ocean Network and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Jun 28

2018 Ocean Summit: The Future of the Oceans - Volvo Ocean Race Ocean Summit

28.06.2018 - 29.06.2018

The Hague, Netherlands

In June, the participants of the world’s toughest ocean race, the Volvo Ocean Race will sail towards the finish line in The Hague. With the magnificent background of the seaside Race Village, the final Ocean Summit will focus on: The Future of the Oceans.
Volvo Ocean Race and the Dutch Topsector Water & Maritime invite you to this unique event where sailors, scientists, government, NGO’s and the private sector will come together to get inspired, to connect and commit to improving the health of our oceans. Volvo Ocean Race and the Dutch Topsector Water & Maritime invite you on 28 & 29 June to be part of The Ocean Summit The Hague, work with inspired people and organisations that have started on workable solutions for Plastic Soup, Ocean Health and Zero Emission Shipping. Join our speakers as they stir delegates to re-think solutions to the problem of Climate Change, empowering them to explore alternative strategies, and realise Ocean Inspired Innovations and make use of Oceans Resources in a sustainable way. The breakout session of the Ocean Summit in The Hague will build dynamic bridges between visionairs, entrepeneurs, governement and private companies. Having highly diversified groups of deligates will create energy at the stage and offer the audience different insights. All sessions will start with an inspirational view on future options and close with a ‘what can we start working on tomorrow’ commitment.

Breakouts will be organised around the following themes:

  • Plastic Soup / Ocean Health
  • Ocean Resources
  • Ocean inspired innovation
  • Ocean Resources
  • Zero Emission Shipping

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Jul 02

4th International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Zone Management In a changing climate

02.07.2018 - 05.07.2018

Arendal, Norway

The 4th ICZM symposium will again be hosted by the Institute of Marine Research, Norway in Arendal, Norway, and held on July 2 – 5, 2018.  This multi-disciplinary international conference is intended to promote science and integration of knowledge for the sustainable management of coastal resources. It will provide a venue for scientists, engineers, managers and policy-makers to discuss recent advances and innovative ideas, to share experiences and to develop networks.

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Jul 05

Opening Conference SEANSE project


Brussels, Belgium

During the Opening Conference the project is explained in more detail and the partners will inform you what they will do in the project. There will time to discuss and ask questions. You are also kindly invited to consider how you or your organisation can contribute to this project, for instance by sharing information or data. Please indicate your interest to attend this conference by sending a mail to: by June 11th 2018.

More about SEANSE

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Aug 22

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance

22.08.2018 - 24.08.2018

Greifswald, Germany

Marine or „blue“ biotechnology is a young field of modern biotechnology, based, upon well established traditions of basic science at universities of the Northern European shores. With the rise of the blue biotech business sector, biological ressources from marine habitats become more and more interesting. Due to their ability to adapt to harsh ocean environments, marine organisms are a promising source for new medical drugs, new enzymes for food and feed production and provide alternative ways of producing chemicals. Newest results in basic and applied science and successful results of economic implementation will be showcased.

The conference is part of the project „Baltic Blue Biotech Alliance“, funded by EU INTERREG BSR. The initiative represents a step forward in the implementation of the BLUE GROWTH strategy of the European Union. Up to 120 scientists, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from the public and the private sector will attend. There is no registration fee for your participation.

More information here

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Aug 22

Regional Seas in Comparative Perspective: Security and Sustainability

22.08.2018 - 25.08.2018

Hamburg, Germany

The section is part of the European Consortium for Political Research General Conference. It sets out to bring oceans and regional seas closer to the center of the discipline by tackling the most recent developments in a systematic and comparative way. The goal is to increase general knowledge about politics in the marine realm. Panels aim at contracting research in both issue areas from two perspectives with two complementary dimensions: the first take on both sustainability and security in the oceans and regional seas from the perspective of levels of governance. The section aims to analyze both horizontal interaction on the regional level and interactions between the global level and the regional level. While the former zooms in on marine and maritime regionalization, the latter pays due regard to the global embeddedness and continuities of the oceans and regional seas. The second perspective on sustainability and security in the oceans and regional seas looks at politics’ different dimensions: the process and actor dimension on the one hand, the institutional and policy dimension on the other. 

Combining these perspectives and dimensions the Section plans for Panels on the following topics: Marine geopolitics of regional seas, marine environmental and security cooperation, global governance organization and maritime conflicts in the regional seas, non-state actors and multi-stakeholder partnerships in regional seas and multi-level marine sustainability governance, comparative institutional design and effectiveness of regional seas arrangements, and comparative implementation of the SDGs in the regional seas.

More about this event 


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Aug 29

OceansTrends 2018

29.08.2018 - 30.08.2018

World Maritime University, Malmö, Sweden.

Based on a cooperation agreement between the World Maritime University (WMU) and the University of Nantes, the OceansTrends 2018 scientific seminar will be held at WMU in Malmö, Sweden from 29-30 August on the theme: Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Ocean - Supportive Technologies and Future Trends. The two-day seminar will include presentations and discussions on Marine Spatial Planning & Blue Growth, Safety Aspects of Exploitation Activities,  and issues surrounding Shipping in the Era of Digitalisation including a session on Autonomous Vessels.  The seminar is open to professionals and academics working in the field of sustainable ocean management, marine spatial planning and maritime technologies. Simultaneous interpretation into French and English will be available.

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Sep 03

ECSA 57: Changing estuaries, coasts and shelf systems - Diverse threats and opportunities

03.09.2018 - 06.09.2018

Perth, Australia

The structure and functioning of our estuaries and seas are shifting due to diverse drivers from local to global scales. The resulting threats to these systems are often all too apparent, yet such changes can also present new opportunities. The challenge is to harness these opportunities through new ways of thinking, scientific developments, innovative technology and more effective integration of science and management.Deadline for abstract submission: 9 March 2018

Selection of topics (non-exclusive):

·     Land - ocean linkages

·     Sustainable natural resource exploitation

·     Marine Protected Areas

·     Aquaculture

·     Integrated management – cumulative risk assessment and tradeoffs

·     Case studies of eco-engineering and ecosystem restoration

More information:

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Sep 03

"Progress in marine conservation: 25 years after Rio - reflections on past development and looking ahead"

03.09.2018 - 07.09.2018

OZEANEUM in Stralsund, Germany

Hosted by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN, section Marine Conservation, Isle of Vilm) in cooperation with the German Oceanographic Museum, the tri-annual ''Progress in Marine Conservation 2018'' Conference is organised in Stralsund, Germany from 3-7 September 2018. 

The focus of the conference will look into progress in marine conservation on a global dimension. In 2017 / 2018, there is the 25-th "anniversary" of the "Rio-Conference", the "EU Habitats Directive", the new "Helsinki-Convention", the "Oslo-Paris-Convention" and lastly (and certainly least) also of the establishment of the “Division on Marine Nature Conservation" of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany. We intend to look back over these past 25 years and reflect on milestones, achievements and progress in marine nature conservation globally as well as in regional seas. And we surely intend to explore the chances and perspectives for the further progress in the next years – which are the most important and pressing issues, where do we need more international action and cooperation, which are successful measures we have to proceed with and which problems need to be solved most urgently on global and/or regional scale.

More about this event


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Sep 06

Society and the Sea

06.09.2018 - 07.09.2018

London, UK

The theme of the 2nd Society & the Sea conference is 'The values of the ocean and coasts for sustainable development'. The aim of the GMC is to engage multiple stakeholders in an exploration of the value of the ocean and how that can be recognised, communicated and harnessed to contribute to the health, wealth and wellbeing of society. This requires using perspectives and developing partnerships across academia and industry and engaging in creative conversation about the ocean, coasts and their values for sustainable development. A call for proposals on sessions, papers and posters is currently out. More information can be found here. The deadline is 16 February.

The GMC in partnership with National Maritime is convening an international conference that will bring together industry and academia to explore the value of the ocean, key challenges being faced and opportunities for future development of the blue economy. The conference is supported by the National Maritime Museum, Seafarers UK, Marine Conservation Society, Thames Estuary Partnership, Coastal and Marine Research Group (RGS), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Coastal Partnership Network. The conference will address the following themes but is not limited to them:

  • The Blue Economy: What is the potential from the ocean and the seas to develop the blue economy? Issues include: fisheries, tourism, Brexit, opportunities and innovation, coastal communities, participation, etc.
  • Maritime governance: What political and governance issues threaten the sustainable and equitable use of the ocean and seas, and what are the potential solutions? Issues include: power and politics, explorations of negotiations, conflicts, consensus building in maritime spaces, examples of maritime spatial planning, global / trans-national maritime issues, trade, etc.
  • Conservation and engagement: How can communities and society be meaningfully engaged and contribute to marine and coastal conservation and management? Issues might include community engagement in marine/coastal governance/management (including biodiversity, pollution, flooding, climate change, etc.); sustainable management approaches; use of local knowledge in governance; citizen science (e.g. fishers), community empowerment, etc.
  • Maritime environmental change: How is society experiencing and responding to a range of environmental changes associated with the ocean? Topics include global warming, ocean acidification, pollution, coastal erosion and sea level rise.
  • Maritime heritage and history: What is the role of history and heritage - both cultural and natural - for the relationship between society and the sea? Topics include heritage of fishing/coastal communities, tourism, museums & education.
  • Maritime perceptions and representations: How can people's perceptions, constructions and representations of the sea influence its use and management? Topics include people's relationships with the sea, personal/place identity, philosophies/constructions of the sea, representation in art and other media, etc.
  • Marine engineering: How is technology helping to harness new value from the ocean? How are cutting edge advances in ocean technology changing our engagement with the ocean? How is technology helping to deliver a more sustainable future for the ocean and coastal regions? 
  • Maritime human health and wellbeing:How can the seas and coasts be managed to create co-benefits for ecosystem and human health? Topics include the importance of marine and coastal ecosystem services, including cultural, to human health and wellbeing (both positive and negative, and both mental and physical health); aspects of biodiversity, climate change, resilience, etc.
  • Small-scale fisheries: How can the social and cultural value of fisheries be understood? Topics include exploring ways of valuing fisheries, sense of place, cultural ecosystem services, wellbeing, tourism, etc.

More about this event

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Sep 10

From COP21 towards the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)

10.09.2018 - 11.09.2018

Paris, France

The conference aims at synthesizing recent scientific progress on ocean and climate interplays; evaluating the latest ocean-climate trends within the context of increased ocean action; and reflecting on ways to move “from science to action”. Organized around four sessions, the event will bring together scientists from multiple disciplines, civil society, businesses, decision-makers and UN entities, to share their expertise on ocean and climate related issues.

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Sep 17

53rd European Marine Biology Symposium

17.09.2018 - 21.09.2018

Brussels, Belgium

The 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium will be organized in Ostend by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and Lifewatch Belgium between September 17th and 21st, 2018.

EMBS53 aims at linking the history, the present and the future of (European) marine biology. This edition will be special, as 2018 is a celebration year in Ostend: the first marine station ever worldwide was inaugurated exactly 175 years ago, in Ostend, by professor Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden. Since then, the world of marine biology has changed dramatically - both in Belgium and Europe - especially in relation to used technologies and techniques.

More about this event

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Sep 20

World Congress on Aquaculture

20.09.2018 - 21.09.2018

Lisbon, Portugal

World Aquaculture 2018 is a leading forum for academic faculty, practitioners, research experts in Aquaculture , President’s, Founders, CEO’s, business delegates, investors in aquaculture sectors, young researchers and talented student communities from universities and research labs providing an ideal environment to share the latest innovations in the Aquaculture research.

For more information, please visit:

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Sep 24

ICES Annual Science Conference

24.09.2018 - 27.09.2018

Hamburg, Germany

Submit a theme session proposal for next year’s Annual Science Conference (ASC), taking place in the German city of Hamburg. ​​​Theme session proposals for the 2018 edition of ICES flagship event, taking place 24-27 September in Hamburg, are now being accepted. Those submitting proposals are encouraged to demonstrate that their objectives address the science priorities of ICES as addressed in the Strategic Plan – and/or​ the emerging science priorities identified by SCICOM​ at its 2017 meeting. Applicants are also advised to link their proposals to the topics which are the focus of the steering groups, strategic initia​​tives, and/or advice. 

Applicants are particularly encouraged to propose new formats ​for their sessions. Options for finding new ways of sharing your science and innovation could include panel discussions, brief introductory slots or keynotes (securing funds is up to conveners), or stakeholder participation.

Submissions can be made using the onlin​​​e form (login information below) and should be completed by the Friday 1 September 2017 deadline. A theme session e​​​​​​​​​xample​ is available to help structure your proposal. Unsuccessful proposals from 2016 will not be considered unless they are resubmitted using the online proposal form.

More about this event

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Sep 25


25.09.2018 - 28.09.2018

Hamburg, Germany

Sep 27

CoastGIS 2018: Spatial Planning and Climate Change

27.09.2018 - 29.09.2018

Ísafjördur, Iceland

CoastGIS 2018 in Ísafjördur, Iceland - hosted by the University Centre of the Westfjords - will be the 13th consecutive symposium for an international exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience on how spatial data and information technologies aid marine and coastal zone managers and stakeholders in better understanding and managing coastal space and resources.

More information here

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Oct 09

Management tools and standards in support of Sustainable Development Goal 14 ''Life below water''

09.10.2018 - 12.10.2018

Reykjavik, Iceland

​​This will be the first symposium organized by ICES that will be held in collaboration with the UNECE regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The symposium creates an opportunity for managers, policy developers and researchers to review concepts and address scientific, policy and regulatory challenges of operationalizing the ecosystem-based management through the use of technical standards and risk management approaches​. Call for abstracts is now open. Send your submission by 25 April.

More about this event

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Oct 10

Ecosystem Based Management for the Protection of Aquatic Biodiversity - Practice and Lessons Learnt

10.10.2018 - 11.10.2018

Brussels, Belgium

AQUACROSS seeks to advance the application of ecosystem-based management for aquatic ecosystems in an effort to support the timely achievement of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and other international conservation targets. In this regard, AQUACROSS has developed an assessment framework, which considers the full array of interactions, including human activities, within aquatic ecosystems, and tested it in 8 case studies across Europe.

The conference will bring together scientific experts, policy makers, and members of the business community to discuss cross-cutting topics related to the protection of aquatic ecosystems and opportunities for ecosystem-based management. Participants will have the opportunity to interact and discuss the added value of integrative policy and assessment frameworks for the protection of aquatic biodiversity with lessons learned from case studies, other research projects and ongoing policy initiatives.

For further information, feel free to contact us directly at

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Oct 10

MUSES Final Conference


Brussels, Belgium

SAVE THE DATE - MUSES Project Final conference. The project will present results from Multi Use analyses carried out across the five EU sea basins, including specific case studies and pilot projects. These results have informed the development of an action plan which will also be presented. The conference is therefore expected to be a platform for relevant blue growth actors, to discuss the Action Plan and consider possible commitments to advance Multi use development in Europe. Sign up for MUSES newsletter to stay tuned:

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Oct 15

Ecosystem Services Partnership Regional Conference

15.10.2018 - 19.10.2018

San Sebastian, Spain

ESP connects over 3000 ecosystem services scientists, policy makers and practitioners who work together in more than 40 Working Groups and a growing number of National Networks on all continents. ESP regularly organises World and Regional conferences and provides many Services to further enhance the application of ecosystem services for nature conservation, ecosystem restoration and sustainable management. The theme of the conference is 'Ecosystem services in a changing world: moving from theory to practice'. A dedicated session on "Operationalizing ecosystem services in support of ecosystem based marine spatial planning" will take place.  There is currently a Call for Abstracts open until 4 June.

Registration will be open from 16 April.

More about this event

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Oct 22

15th Littoral Conference

22.10.2018 - 26.10.2018

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The conference will provide a platform for everybody interested in coastal research, conservation, management and education. The main themes that will be presented during the conference include:

• GREEN COASTS: Natural and resilient coasts
• CLEAN SEAS: Protection of the marine environment
• BLUE GROWTH: Sustainable development in the coastal & marine environment

Currently, a Call for Abstracts is open.

More about this event

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Oct 23

5th annual conference of the European Atlantic Stakeholders Platform

23.10.2018 - 24.10.2018

Vigo, Spain

Dedicated plenary sessions and stakeholder workshops where discussions will focus on how to pursue a maritime career in the 21st century, how to obtain the necessary skills and how to embrace innovation without risking jobs;
A half-day business-to-business networking session, under the auspices of the Enterprise Europe Network, aiming to help maritime business operators and service suppliers innovate and grow internationally;
The 3rd Atlantic Project Award Ceremony aiming to honour outstanding achievement by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic strategy and that are related to the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan.

More about this event

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Oct 25

ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2018

25.10.2018 - 27.10.2018

Athens, Greece

The leading light in ensuring successful future developments of marina facilities around the globe, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations’ (ICOMIA) World Marinas Conference is the key initiative of the ICOMIA Marina Group’s Outreach and Support Programme. IWMC is aimed at marina owners, operators, developers, consultants, service providers, Government officials, equipment manufacturers, nautical tourism promoters, and port and harbour operators and draws hundreds of delegates and speakers from around the globe.

IWMC is presented by the ICOMIA Marinas Group (IMG), the committee born out of ICOMIA`s recognition that ensuring boat owners a safe and convenient place to berth, moor or launch their boat is vital to the future of the industry.

The IWMC series is highly informative and relevant to global market trends, whilst the extensive networking opportunities are invaluable for on-going business success and the vast array of exhibits offer insight into the very latest in marina product development and technology. More information on the programme for 2018, sponsorship opportunities and delegate registration will be announced in due course.

For more information please contact




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Oct 29

Our Ocean Conference 2018

29.10.2018 - 30.10.2018

Bali, Indonesia


Nov 14

6th WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit

14.11.2018 - 16.11.2018

Hong Kong

The SOS brings together representatives from shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, seabed mining, tourism, renewable energy, ports, dredging, submarine cables, marine science, engineering and technology, the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and other sectors - as well as ocean stakeholders from the government, inter-governmental, academic and environment communities.

More about this event

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Nov 21

EOOS Conference

21.11.2018 - 23.11.2018

Brussels, Belgium

The EOOS Conference will bring together and connect diverse ocean observing stakeholder communities, from science, public authorities, industry and wider society, to identify concrete joint actions towards an inclusive, better coordinated & sustained European ocean observing capacity. The Conference will build on the progress made at the EOOS Forum in March 2018 to launch an EOOS strategy and implementation plan, together with a Call to action.

More about this event

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Dec 03

12th International Conference on Oceanography & Marine Biology

03.12.2018 - 04.12.2018

Rome, Italy

Dec 10

FishForum 2018

10.12.2018 - 14.12.2018

Rome, Italy (Headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

The Fish Forum on Fisheries Science in the Mediterranean and the Black sea is organised by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization. 

The Fish Forum will have an interdisciplinary focus, addressing the three interrelated themes listed below. Thematic sessions will highlight leading research in these areas based, among others, on contributions received through a call for abstracts. Keynote speakers will spotlight cross-cutting topics and thematic panels and transversal panels will offer opportunities for dynamic discussion on prominent issues. Side events are foreseen to complement the main thematic discussions and draw attention to innovative work, while poster sessions and stands will provide further opportunities to showcase relevant research.

To register as a participant and/or to submit an abstract for consideration, please visit complete the registration form with all relevant details, includingthe proposed abstract. Registration and the call for abstracts will open frommid-November 2017.


Submission of abstracts-15thMay 2018(notification of acceptance of abstracts by 30thJune 2018)(

Registration -30thSeptember 2018(

Key topics:


Improving knowledge on stock status
Innovative strategies to provide advice
The effectiveness of area-based management


Addressing climate change as a priority issue
Tackling pressing environmental challenges
The interaction between vulnerable species and human activities


Improving knowledge on the social and economic impact of fisheries
Mapping value chains
Marine technology promoting economic and environmental sustainability of fisheries

Main speakers:

Manuel Barange, Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Divisionof FAO (FIA)

Anne Christine Brusendorff, General Secretary, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)

Serge Garcia, Chair, Fisheries Experts Group of the IUCN Commission of Ecosystem Management (IUCN/CEM/FEG)

Lasse Gustavsson, Vice President and Executive Director, OCEANA

Masanori Miyahara, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency 

Ernesto Penas-Lado, European Commission, DG MARE

Who will attend?

The Fish Forum will be an opportunity to benefit from a wider range of expertise than typically reaches other regional conferences and will aim at removing barriers to sharing knowledge and information. It will provide an overview of the latest trends and achievements in ocean sciences and fishery technology and will explore future needs. The target audience is intended to be scientists, researchers, engineers, academics, practitioners, managers and decision makers that have fisheries and marine-related responsibilities. A call for abstracts will ensure that select renowned experts have the opportunity to disseminate their latest research findings and present them to the Fish Forum. The participation of early career scientists will also actively be promoted.


The Forum is organised with the financial support of the European Union

Technical partners



More information about this event here

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Dec 12

SIMWESTMED / SUPREME closing conference

12.12.2018 - 13.12.2018

Venice, Italy

There will be a joint closing conference of the projects related to the implementation of EU MSP Directive in the Eastern and in the Western Mediterranean regions, SIMWESTMED and SUPREME, co-funded by DG MARE. More information is forthcoming.

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