Marine Spatial Challenge CPD Event 2019


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8 November, 2019
Inverness, Scotland

Scotland is forward thinking and fast moving when it comes to Marine Spatial Planning, recognising the need for implementation as well has being home to many experts in environmental based management. With a growing interest in sustaining our planet and depictions of the crisis, influential scientists such as David Attenborough have been able to portray to the public just how integral the protection of our ecosystems is as well as sustainable development. It is easy to overlook how we might affect the ocean and how the ocean might affect us when we are not living near the sea. However, the oceans are integral for sustaining life on earth.

The MSP Challenge board game is a tool which has been used in several MSP stakeholder engagement activities in recent years. It is a table top strategy game where a fictitious sea basin is designed on the board and different maritime activities are represented by colourful acrylate tiles, with various symbols. Workshops can be developed based on the needs of a specific project and realities of a particular sea basin. The game is very easy to understand and has mostly been used as a low technology  approach to raise awareness about MSP.

This event will give planners the opportunity to engage in and be familiarised with the process of Marine Spatial Planning as well as learn about the different efforts, Acts/Bills, projects and progress happening all over Scotland. Discussing the 11 Marine Regions and what this means for planners will proved a platform for communication with experts and practitioners that will hopefully be sustained after the event.

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