Interact: Connecting border regions

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6 November, 2018 - 7 November, 2018
Skanör, Sweden

Interact has set up several thematic networks supporting Interreg programmes in their capitalisation efforts. Two of these are the network on ‘Sustainable transport’ and the maritime ‘Knowledge of the seas network’. The one having a focus on sustainable transport (TO 7), the other one being of a horizontal nature – hence having linkages and potential for cross-fertilisation.

The objective of this joint meeting of two thematic networks facilitated by Interact is to tackle the issue of ‘connecting border regions’ both on land and in a maritime geography – and the interlinkages. The event will look at the topic from different perspectives. Firstly, the policy respectively strategic perspective defining where want to go. Secondly, the reality of concrete Interreg programmes and projects contributing to implement these policies and strategies. Lastly, showing visions and recent innovations as a kind of appetizer, stimulation for future work.

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