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ICES Annual Conference took place

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5 October, 2018

ICES organised 18 theme sessions during its annual conference on 24-27 September 2018. One of the sessions focused on the MSP visions and indicators. The participants list has been published, session abstracts and posters are available here and the keynote speeches can be viewed here. The presentations will become available soon. Participants came from all over Europe as well as the US and Australia meaning that there was a lot of exchange on the differences between MSP approaches used across the world.
The last interactive session focused on improvements of the ICES MSP working group and suggestions for future research steps. Main issues discussed included:

  • MSP is still defined and applied in different ways across the world
  • Understanding of MSP and approaches to its implementation and relation to the EBM are quite diverse.
  • A common glossary is needed as to be able to continue any discussions
  • The inclusion of fisheries in MSP 
  • Monitoring
  • Links between MSP and the MSFD

A report will be published in the coming months.