How can MSP contribute to social sustainability?


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6 May, 2019

A new research project has begun at Södertörn University (Sweden) to investigate the links between social sustainability and MSP. Social sustainability has not received as much attention as the ecological or economic dimensions of sustainability in MSP, possibly because the concept and its various linkages to MSP  are not always clear. This project will look at different aspects of social sustainability, for example how MSP can contribute to social justice and a fair distribution of benefits, and what an MSP process would look like that can make democratic decisions over marine space. The project aims to deliver a more coherent understanding of what ‘social sustainability’ means in terms of sustainable marine spatial planning and how these insights can be applied to MSP practice in three Baltic Sea case study countries. For more information contact Fred Saunders, School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, Södertörn University,