Grids meet Renewables – Conference and Best Practice Fair

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20 February, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The energy sector is currently undergoing a grand transition, one that will most likely have a significant impact on citizens, consumers, industry and the environment. The transformation needs a joint concept of the future energy landscape, shared by a variety of actors – including the renewables and grid industries – to meet societal expectations and technological requirements. Our event “Grids meet Renewables” will provide space for an open dialogue between these actors, deep diving on the key challenges and potential solution and current best practices implemented by industry and civil society.

The event will be focused on the following questions:

  • How can different industries jointly plan the future energy landscape?
  • How can we ensure that the identification of new renewables sites goes hand in hand with the analysis of future grid needs?
  • What roles can RES companies and grid operators play in making sure that the transition will happen in a fair and acceptable manner?
  • How can transmission and generation work together in the future to further benefit from each other?

In addition, a Best Practice Fair will create opportunities for the exchange and discussion of best practices in different areas that are relevant for a renewables-based energy landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to find new inspiration and learn from the experience of existing initiatives.

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