Global MSP inventory available now from Cross-border MSP study


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6 July, 2017

The Global MSP Inventory was developed by UNEP-WCMC to support the European Commision Study on international best practices in cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning. The inventoryy was designed to provide an up-to-date characterisation of MSP Processes outside of Europe, and to enable a simple analysis of characteristics of MSP processes. The Global MSP Inventory uses information from the UN Environment's 'MSP in Practice Initiative' and its associated database of MSP processes. The inventory file contains:

  • Methodology - a description of the approach taken to develop the inventory, as detailed in the study report;
  • Inventory - the spreadsheet of MSP processes and information fields
  • Description of inventory fields - the description and source of information contained within the inventory
  • Dropdown - the list of pre-selected responses used within the inventor

View the inventory and the study here.