European response to COVID-19: focus on maritime sectors.


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11 June, 2020

While the COVID crisis swept across every member state and disrupted all sectors of the economy, what happened at sea? And how did Europe react to this crisis? With a majority of fleet locked ashore, auctions closed and shipping halted, the maritime sector has been severely impacted since April 2020. Hopefully, Europe and Member States teamed up to bring support to all aboard this same boat.

A series of measures were taken by the European Commission, with support of the European Council and European Parliament to steer the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund towards emergency measures coming to the economic rescue of severely hit sectors such as fisheries and aquaculture industries. To explore these measures in details, please refer to COVID factsheet published by EC DG MARE and the European Council declaration. In addition to these institutional measures, other initiatives have emerged to provide support and inspiration to the multiple sectors and SMEs hit by the crisis, such as this dashboard of coastal communities initiatives published by the FARNET network, or this COVID Response Forum managed by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform designed to support SMEs and the industry.