Europe has reached 22GW of offshore wind capacity in 2019


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11 February, 2020

According to the recent report of WindEurope, Europe has reached a record 3.6 GW of new offshore wind energy capacity in 2019. The UK (1.7 GW), Germany (1.1 GW), Denmark (374 MW) and Belgium (370 MW) accounted for the most part of this new capacity. The goal of the European Commission is to reach between 230 and 450 GW of offshore wind by 2050 to decarbonise the energy system and deliver the Green Deal. This constitutes 7 GW of new offshore wind a year by 2030 and up to 18 GW a year by 2050. Despite Europe is still quite a way from this objective, progress made in 2019 brings European offshore wind capacity to 22GW.

For more information see the report of WindEurope.