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EU ATLAS Horizon 2020 Project: Science, Policy and Blue Growth: An Atlantic Assessment

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10 April, 2019
Southampton, England

The EU ATLAS Horizon 2020 project ( warmly invites exhibitors and delegates to participate in the workshop ‘Science, Policy and Blue Growth: An Atlantic Assessment’ on Wednesday April 10th 2019 at Ocean Business 2019 in Southampton. The workshop is free and open to all, and we especially welcome representatives with interests in marine spatial planning (MSP), blue growth sectors, and policy and regulation. ATLAS is a four-year project with partners from multinational industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), governments and academia. Together, these partners are assessing Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems to create the integrated and adaptive planning products needed to support sustainable blue growth, marine conservation and resource use in the context of a changing climate. The workshop will showcase the initial results from the ‘Industry reactions to ATLAS recommendations’ study and provides the opportunity for exhibitors and delegates to join the discussion and share their perspectives. The workshop features a dedicated talk programme presenting key ATLAS scientific findings and their potential impacts for blue growth, detailed sector perspectives, and policy and regulatory insights. There will be a poster session providing more detail on ATLAS science, and ample opportunities for discussion and exchanging views over refreshments.

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