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EMECS'11 SeaCoasts XXVI

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22 August, 2016 - 27 August, 2016
St Petersburg, Russia

The theme of the conference is "Managing risks to coastal regions and communities in a changing world".

Its main topics are:

- Coastal systems and their dynamics (from coast to water and from water to coast);
- Coastal erosion and dynamical processes in the nearshore zone;
- GIS & marine spatial planning;
- Climate change in the changing world. Coastal adaptation to climate change;
- Construction and exploitation of hydraulic engineering structures and dredging in the coastal areas;
- Study and monitoring of coastal and marine ecosystems;
- Approaches to and issues of processes in the coastal areas modelling and monitoring;
- Interactions between coastal zone and the open sea: impact on the ecosystems;
- Ecological sensitivity of coastal areas: anthropogenic loads and natural disasters;
- ICZM – case study and new experience;
- Sustainable use and development of coastal resources: effective management and approaches;
- Legal and political issues of enclosed coastal seas management;
- Human resource and indigenous dimension of enclosed coastal seas management.

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