Development of the Saaremaa offshore wind farm in Estonia.

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27 October, 2020

Following the agreement between the parties, the Dutch company Van Oord is now a shareholder in Saare Wind Energy, which is developing the Saaremaa offshore wind farm in Estonia.

The development of the Saaremaa offshore wind farm began in 2015. The company is developing an area of up to 200 sq km (77.2 sq mi) southwest of the Estonian Island Saaremaa. The area could facilitate an offshore wind farm of more than 1,000 MW.

The Saaremaa offshore wind farm location offers the unique opportunity for this hybrid project. The combination of good wind resources, an offshore wind location in line with the Marine Spatial Plan and the opportunity to develop interconnectors across the Baltic Sea to Sweden and Latvia, give Estonia the opportunity to take first steps in implementing the vision of the Baltic Sea declaration.

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