Developing a practical method and toolbox to integrate EBA into MSP

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25 March, 2021

This workshop will provide an early review of key elements of the study’s work on the practical method and toolbox. It will give the opportunity for MSP officials, practitioners, experts and stakeholders to contribute to the development of the practical method and toolbox in addressing the following questions:

  • Are we addressing the main operational challenges to make EBA in MSP a reality? If not, which ones should receive further attention in the practical method and toolbox?
  • Are the elements and information presented in a sufficiently operational way to guide MSP experts to do it in practice?
  • Are we presenting it in the right format – and if not, what should we change to make it more readily accessible and understandable?

Participants will be invited to draw on the recent experience preparing maritime spatial plans and to provide examples of good practice and note key challenges encountered.

The workshop will take place on 25 March 2021, from 09h00 to 11h15.

The workshop is being organised by the team preparing the EBA/MSP study. It will be hosted by ACTeon (France). Wageningen Research will lead the presentation of the draft practical method. Other partners of the consortium, including the Baltic Environmental Forum and Milieu Consulting will help to lead breakout sessions.

Please register for the workshop here.

For more information on the study, please see here.