Co-Evolve Information Day 'Sustainability of coastal and maritime tourism and blue growth in the Mediterranean'

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7 November, 2017
Rimini, Italy

The EU's Blue Growth Strategy identifies the coastal and maritime tourism as a sector with particular potential to promote an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive Europe. For gross added value and employment, it is the biggest sector in the tourism industry, with still significant growth potential (2-3% by 2020, according to EU studies). Coastal regions of the Mediterranean, due to their extraordinary beauty, cultural richness and variety, represent one of the world's most important destinations, but also present important fragility factors (erosion, subsidence, marine entry risk, etc.) and a growing anthropic pressure (urbanization, exploitation of resources, pollution, etc.) to be tackled and governed in a logic of sustainability. With this information day, the Co-Evolve project (Interreg MED 2016-2019) aims to present and encourage a discussion on the main strategies and initiatives underway for the development of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean.
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