Because the Ocean Report (CoP23)

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13 November, 2017

The 'Because the Ocean' workshop at the UNFCC CoP23 was organised to follow-up on the CoP21 and CoP22 conference, where over 20 parties acknowledged that while the ocean plays a central role in regulating the climate system, it is also a major receptor of climate change impacts.
According to these declarations, both aspects deserve increased attention within UNFCCC discussions and a better consideration of the interlinkages between climate and ocean policies, at the international and the domestic level, is necessary.

The workshop was organised on the eve of COP23 to discuss how the ocean could be more strongly, and more effectively, integrated in the next round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), the building blocks of the Paris Agreement. This brief report revolves around 3 key messages that deal with the following statements:

  1. Integrating the ocean in NDCs will require a dedicated and systematic effort
  2. Ocean-minded NDCs should help climate policies and ocean conservation to mutually reinforce each other
  3. Reinforcing the knowledge base needed to take into account the ocean in climate action

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