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Marine aquaculture is the most promising industry for ensuring future provision of seafood.

ATLAS - Understanding deep Atlantic Ecosystems 

The document provides an inventory of deep-sea ecosystem services (as well as their Blue Growth potential) in various locations of the North Atlantic.


The report discusses the opportunities for engagement across and between regions to facilitate better understanding of marine planning and what it can achieve.


The report is the result of the NorthSEE project.


The study is developed within the framework of the SEANSE project with the aim to compare and analyse different criteria applied by the North Sea countries for planning their offshore wind farms, while considering environment and other sea uses.

Landscape and Urban Planning Journal - Vol. 196, 2020.  

This research note explores opportunities for spatial planning to enhance the consideration of biodiversity and ecosystem services (ES) in Europe and Central Asia. It refers to and is built on the regional assessment of the Intergovernmental Scien


How will offshore wind help Europe go carbon-neutral?

Specific Challenge: The contribution of offshore wind power to the energy mix is expected to increase significantly by 2030.

Specific Challenge: Ocean energy could provide clean, predictable, indigenous and reliable energy and contribute to the EU's objective of reaching a share of renewables of at least 32% of the EU’s gross final consumption by 2030.

Call 9 is full for applications only!

The programme has 4 priority themes and each theme is divided into two or three specific objectives. Every project has to select one specific objective that it will work towards.   

This Call is open to Expressions of Interest only. The programme’s Steering Committee will meet in June 2019 to decide about the submitted EOIs. Successful EOIs will be invited to apply in Call 11, which will be open only for Full Applications.