Overview of MSP related maritime uses

  • Current uses:

    • Shipping
    • Under water cultural heritage
    • Nature conservation
    • Ports
    • Military
    • Fisheries
    • Oil and gas exploitation
  • Future uses:
    • Submarine cables and pipelines
    • Offshore renewable energy production
    • Mineral extraction
  • Issues: nature protection and recreation

Which maritime spatial plans exist?

There exists the Comprehensive Plan of the Republic of Lithuania (and its part “Maritime territories“). The part “Maritime territories” of the Comprehensive Plan of the Republic of Lithuania, that complements the terrestrial spatial planning, was adopted by the Seimas (the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania) in 2015.

The objectives of planning are: to ensure the transparent, known conditions of the use of the territory in the whole state and in the space under responsibility of the Republic of Lithuania, and to implement a consequent planning of land and sea territory in one document.

MSP legislation

Maritime Spatial Planning in Lithuania is included into the national legislation regulating spatial planning, namely the Law on Territorial Planning and its secondary legal acts. The revised Law on Territorial Planning (2013) includes stipulations on sea space planning. Part of the marine space (up to 20 m isobath) also falls under the regulation of the Law of the Coastal Strip. Basing on the stipulations of national legal acts, Lithuanian marine territories were planned while extending the existing Comprehensive Plan of the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania by one more part – Marine territories, which included marine spatial solutions for the Lithuanian territorial waters and the EEZ.

National MSP authority & Contact

Ministry of the Environment
Territorial Planning, Urban Development and Architecture Department
Spatial Planning Division
A. Jakšto 4 /9, LT-01105 Vilnius

Elena Archipovaite - Head of Spatial Planning Division

Dangyras Zukauskas Chief Specialist of Spatial Planning Division.



Last Update 21.09.2018