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Overview of MSP related maritime uses

According to “EUNETMAR, 2014. Study to support the development of sea-basin cooperation in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Ionian, and Black sea. Analysis of Blue Growth needs and potential per country” and the fifth report on the economy of the sea in Italy issued by CENSIS in 2015, largest maritime sectors are those reported below.

  • Main uses

    • Tourism
    • Fisheries
    • Shipping*
    • Ports

Other current uses: Cruise tourism, Shipbuilding and repair, Passenger ferry services

*Including both short sea shipping as well as deep sea shipping.

Which maritime spatial plans exist?

There is currently no legally-binding MSP plan for Italy. On December the 1st, 2017 Guidelines containing criteria for preparing maritime spatial plans were published.

MSP legislation

The EU MSP Directive was transposed in Italian legislation with the Legislative Decree 17 October 2016, n. 201.

National MSP authority

According to the Legislative Decree 17 October 2016, n. 201 (art. 8) functions of MSP Competent Authority are in charge of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Indeed, MSP competences are shared among different institutions. An Inter-ministerial Coordination Table and a Technical Committee with defined scopes are established.


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Directorate General for Port Authorities, Port Facilities and Maritime and Waterways Transport

Via dell’Arte 16 – 00144 Rome

Director: Mauro Coletta

E-mail:     Phone: 0039 06 5908 4205

**The present list of relevant practices is purely indicative and not endorsed by the Italian MSP authority, as it does not represent the formal process of MSP implementation: practices are results of projects and studies.




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