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Which Maritime Spatial Plans Exist?

Ireland  is currently  implementing MSP, working initially towards the production of a single plan for Irish waters .
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – an Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland was adopted in 2012. It sets out the Irish Government’s vision, high-level goals, and key ‘enabling’ actions to put in place the appropriate policy, governance and business climate to enable Ireland’s marine potential to be realised.

An MSP Roadmap was published in 2017 (Towards a Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland). The National Marine Planning Framework is now being developed, which will be the overarching framework for decision making in the marine area. A consultation document, Baseline Report, has now been published.  This process will lead to  a single plan for Ireland’s entire marine area, with the possibility of more detailed regional plans being made later.

MSP Legislation

The MSP Directive has been transposed into Irish Law by the European Union (Framework for Maritime Spatial Planning) Regulations 2016. The regulations can be found at
The Roadmap includes the following timeline for the planning process:

National MSP Authority

Ireland’s Competent Authority for MSP is the Department for Housing, Planning and Local Government


Marine Planning - Foreshore Unit
Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government
Newtown Road
Wexford Y35 AP90  



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