which maritime spatial plans exist?

There is currently no legally binding national marine spatial plan in Greece. However, MSP related issues are addressed in “Special Frameworks for Spatial Planning” (terrestrial spatial plans - TS Plans) covering specific economic sectors. Sectoral plans have been elaborated so far for aquaculture, (2011, to be revised), tourism (under finalisation) and industry, (2009, to be revised), which include spatial planning guidelines for the land-based, coastal and marine segments of each sector. The Special Framework for Renewable Energy Sources (2008, new study under finalisation) sets the strategic guidelines for offshore wind parks.

MSP legislation

Law 4546 (GG 101/A/12-June-2018) transposes the EU MSP Directive (2014/89) into the Greek legal system and Law 4759/2020 (GG 245/Α/9-12-2020) amending the previous one through Chapter 2.

According to the provisions of the Law 4546/2018, Maritime Spatial Planning is to be subject to consultation with sectoral ministries, regional authorities and the public. It is also to be subject to an opinion/advice from the National Spatial Planning Council.

national msp authority

The Ministry of Environment and Energy is the Competent Authority for the implementation of MSP, and to achieve the objectives of Maritime Spatial Planning, the Ministry cooperates with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy which is responsible for the “National Strategy of Maritime Policy”. 


Ministry of the Environment and Energy

Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy 

In charge of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

Mr Νicolaos Tagaras


Ph.: + 30 213 1513 802, + 30 213 1513 804, + 30 213 1513 808


General Secretariat of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

Dr Efthimios Bakogiannis, Secretary General  

Ph.: +30 210 6475169, +30 210 6475 101, -102, -103


Directorate General of Spatial Planning

Ms Georgia Kotini, Director General


Ph.: +30 213 1515728


Directorate of Spatial Planning

Dr Georgios Manouris, Director


Ph.: +30 213 1515362 


Department of National Spatial Planning Strategy

Head of Department: Ms Evgenia Lagiou


Ph.: +30 213 1515331


Department of National Spatial Planning Strategy

Ms Elena Lalou

E-Mail : 

Ph.: +30 213 1515321

Department of National Spatial Planning Strategy

Ms Anna Spyropoulou

E-Mail : 

Ph.: +30 213 1515 319

*Practices are related to studies and / or projects and not to a formal MSP process.



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