Which maritime spatial plans exist?

The first Finish maritime spatial plan has been approved by the eight coastal regional councils in December 2020. There are three maritime spatial plans covering both territorial waters and the EEZ:  one for the Northern Bothnian Sea, the Quark and the Bothnian Bay drafted by the Regional Councils of Lappi, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Keski-Pohjanmaa and Pohjanmaa; one for the Southern Bothnian Sea and the Archipelago Sea drafted by the Regional Councils of Satakunta and South-Western Finland; and one for the Gulf of Finland drafted by the Regional Councils of Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso.

An MSP Plan for the Åland Island should be developed according to separate planning legislation. The first MSP draft proposal for the Åland Islands has been made publicly available. The first consultation for this proposal and for background material extended from the 20 December 2019 until 31 March 2020 and the Government of Åland has presented its Maritime Spatial Plan proposal for its second consultation in December 2020. Additionally, there is a specific regional land use plan already in place: The regional land use plan for the Kymenlaakso Region territorial sea area.

MSP legislation

The Maritime Spatial Planning Directive was transposed into Finnish law in 2016. MSP regulations are covered by the Land Use and Building Act, which is the most important act to steer land-use, spatial planning and construction. Nonetheless, maritime spatial planning is not part of the land-use planning system of Finland. Maritime spatial plans are general, non-binding plans that are drafted and approved by the Regional Councils.

Eight Coastal Regional Councils are responsible for drafting maritime spatial plans in the territorial waters and on the EEZ by March 2021.

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National MSP authority

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