Overview of MSP related maritime uses

  • Current main uses:

    • Fisheries
    • Submarine cables and pipelines
    • Mineral extraction
    • Military
    • Oil and gas
    • Shipping
    • Tourism
    • Offshore renewable energy production
    • Nature conservation
    • Aquaculture
  • Synergies: currently being assessed.

which maritime spatial plans exist?

Denmark does not yet have a comprehensive spatial plan for its sea areas. However, a range of sectoral plans exist (e.g. energy infrastructure, fisheries, nature protection, etc), and these will comprise key input to the coming maritime spatial plan.

MSP legislation

The Danish Parliament has adopted the ‘’Act on Maritime Spatial Planning’’, which establishes the framework for spatial planning in the Danish marine areas.  It is available in an English translation here.

The coming spatial plan will apply to the marine internal waters, territorial sea and the EEZ.


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National MSP authority & Contact

Danish Maritime Authority, Ministry of Business and Growth
Carls Jacobsens Vej 31, 2500 Valby
Phone: +45 72 19 60 00
Sine Heltberg



Last Update 21.06.2019