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Overview of MSP related maritime uses

  • The Black Sea is a key EU Eastern gate, a junction between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, important transport and energy hub, a crossroad of different cultures, a region with political, social and economic fragmentation. Bulgaria and Romania provide the EU access to the Black Sea and are therefore the main drivers of the initiatives related to MSP in the Black Sea region.
  • The Black Sea Basin Directorate Management Plan for the period 2016-2021 specifies integrated measures aimed at protection against pollution, protection of specially designated areas, protection of coastal marine areas, water efficiency, adaptation to climate change, and others.The Marine Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria (2016) assesses the current status of the marine waters (in compliance with Article 8 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive), determines the good environmental status, and establishes environmental targets (in compliance with Articles 9 and 10 of the MSFD) in accordance with 11 descriptors.
  • Current uses: increasing interest as an energy hub
  • Issues: nature protection, economic development, transboundary cooperation
  • Future uses:
    • Shipping
    • Fisheries
    • Aquaculture
    • Tourism
    • Offshore renewable energy production

Which maritime spatial plans exist?

Pilot plans for MSP exist. Please see MSP Practical Information database for more detailed information.

MSP legislation

Bulgaria transposed the Directive 2014/89/EU by an amendment of the Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria Act. The Advisory Council on Maritime Spatial Planning is planned to start its work in 2018 and the development of the Plan is scheduled for 2018 - 2020.Some general measures that cover MSP (and ICZM) are mentioned in the Development Strategies of the coastal districts (Burgas, Varna and Dobrich), in the National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture in Bulgaria (2014-2020) and in the National Regional Development Strategy (2012-2022).

National MSP authorities

Phone +359 2 9405654

Maria Georgieva: Chief expert, Directorate General “Strategic Planning and Programmes for Regional Development”

  • Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications – Executive Agency “Maritime Administration”
  • Ministry of Environment and Water – Black Sea Basin Directorate - Varna
  • Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company

Phone +359 28079999

Angel Zabourtov: Director General

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry – Executive Agency "Fisheries and Aquaculture"
  • Ministry of Energy


Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS)

Phone +359 52 370 484

Prof. Dr. Snejanka Moncheva: Director


Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" (EAMA)

Phone +359 700 10 145

Peter Kirov: Chief Secretary


Center for Coastal and Marine Studies

Phone +359 52 331 324

Dr. Margaita Stancheva: Director



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