There are no formal maritime spatial plans in Bulgaria yet, but a final draft version was submitted for Environmental Impact Assessment on the 26 June 2021. The plan will then be submitted to public consultation. Previously, the draft version of the Maritime Spatial Plan was presented to the European Commission on the 31 March 2021. According to Directive 2014/89/EU (Article 15, item 3).The national maritime spatial plan is open to public consultation until the end of June 2021. This was launched alongside the Environmental Impact Assessment, which is considered an integral part of the plan. After the final internal steps, such as approval by the Advisory board on MSP and the National Expert Council on Spatial Planning and Regional Policy, the plan will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for final approval and signature.

Nevertheless, pilot plans for MSP have been elaborated.


Bulgaria transposed the Directive 2014/89/EU by an amendment of the Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria Act. The Advisory Council on Maritime Spatial Planning has been working since 2018 on the development of the Plan . Some general measures that cover MSP (and ICZM) are mentioned in the Development Strategies of the coastal districts (Burgas, Varna and Dobrich), in the National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture in Bulgaria (2014-2020) and in the National Regional Development Strategy (2012-2022).


The overall management and coordination of the Maritime Spatial Planning related activities are performed by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, who is also responsible for development and maintaining of the Maritime Spatial Plan of Bulgaria (Article 51b).

Furthermore, an Advisory Council on Maritime Spatial Planning is established as a subsidiary body to the Minister. The latter supports the cooperation and coordination between relevant stakeholders during the Maritime Spatial Planning process.


Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works

Directorate General “Strategic Planning and Regional Development Programs”


1.Mr. Ivaylo Stoyanov

Head of Department "Strategic Planning and Programming"

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tel. +3592 9405 627

e-mail: istoyanov@mrrb.government.bg


2. Ms. Stanislava Atanasova,

Chief Expert in DG "Strategic Planning and Regional Development Programs"

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tel. +3592 9405 655



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